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Individual or group courses:

E-Lingui.com offers courses adapted to every interest, need and capacity of learning languages. The frequency of lessons are measured according to individual' s needs; whether a person is expecting fast results for immediate business requirements or whether this person wishes to learn languages simply for personal pleasure and interest...

Intensive courses / Total immersion :

E-lingui.com can also provide you with very intensive courses / immersion program which helps people to build language fluency in a very short period of time. This program consists of 60 hours of intensive private instruction for a period of between 2 to 4 weeks during which time the student increasingly develops his capacity to think in the target language.

Courses for companies :

You have to prepare for an important meeting or you are building new partnerships around the world. First impressions are often the most important ones. You wish and need to understand everything. E-lingui.com can help you to overcome your language difficulties and cultural barriers. Schedules at E-Lingui.com are very flexible.

Courses for students :

Need to pass some exams? Or just the need or wish to be able to speak and master a foreign language?  

Also for children :

Young children are the most receptive language-learners. They are less inhibited. So get them started now!

It has been proven that learning languages has a positive effect on intellectual growth and mental development. They acquire a better ear for listening and more flexibility in thinking. Multi-lingual children will have an advantage in school, in university and ... in their careers.


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